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“Meanwhile Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board numbers show that “mental disorder or syndromes” claims have gone up significantly in the last decade, from 512 claims in 2010 to 1,813 last year.” Article: Workers in the Yukon and across Canada reporting more mental health injuries Author: Danielle d’Entremont Date: September 24, 2021

“When former police officer Ralph Thistle finally received $630,000 in lost wages, he thought his lengthy battle was finally over. But now, Toronto police are taking the first step to potentially appeal the payment, CBC News has learned. … CBC News first told Thistle’s story last June. Soon afterward, his 14-year battle for compensation ended […]

“The tool will be useful considering that 62 per cent of Ontarians say they have become more interested in workplace health and safety since the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a WSIB survey. Also, 82 per cent would want to check out the health and safety information of a workplace before starting a new job there.” […]

“Some people will be changed forever by long COVID, says Dr. Shawn Marshall, who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation at The Ottawa Hospital. Treating COVID-19 long haulers has become part of the rehabilitation work he does. And, with a fourth wave underway, there is no end in sight. … Many of the patients Marshall […]

“During her keynote speech, the former Elliot Lake resident says it will be bittersweet for her as she focuses on the stories of the six miners; how they lived, worked, and contributed to their families and communities. She notes three of the six being inducted are there due to the McIntyre Powder Project work, and […]

“But more than 10 years after her sister’s injury, Francine said she’s still fighting the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) to modify her home so she can properly care for her sister while Cynthia is confined to a hospital bed set up in the family’s living room.” Article: Why a GTA woman is still […]

“On Friday morning, Virginia MacKenzie got a phone call that she’s been waiting 14 years to receive. When her husband, Ross, died at age 70 in 2007 after three rounds of cancer, chronic lung issues and other complications, she began her fight with Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), looking for compensation in his […]

“Injured workers groups are calling on the provincial government to hold public consultations on proposed amendments to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. The groups say they have been excluded from consultations which are now wrapping up looking at changes to the workers compensation system. At issue, they say, is a $6-billion surplus that the […]

“In addition, health-care workers have higher rates of lost time as a result of workplace violence than any other profession. According to the WSIB, sectors claiming the most lost-time for injuries include health care, manufacturing and construction. In 2017, there were 863 health-care claims for lost time as a result of workplace violence, while manufacturing […]

“The proposed changes include creating a formal process for police departments to dispute officers’ PTSD claims and a reduction in the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) benefits for officers sidelined by operational stress, which would reduce the benefit to a percentage of their full pay, similar to long-term disability. “ Article: Ontario officers have […]