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“’I was startled by what I found, and the way that the injured workers were treated by basically everybody –certainly by their employers and the workers’ compensation system, but in too many instances, by co-workers, and, disappointingly, by their unions.  The whole system seemed rigged against getting justice for them.’” Article: Workers’ compensation system ‘mean-spirited’ […]

“I was always seeing posters and things, emails on how to recognize injuries and take care of yourself,” he said. “But when it actually came to addressing an injury and actually getting support, there was no tangible support.” Article: ‘Crying out for support’: York Region paramedics raise alarm bells over pandemic’s toll Author: Joseph Quigley […]

“The Thunder Bay & District Injured Workers Support Group also stated that injured workers who were cut off from WSIB benefits, while still disabled, must rely on publicly funded health care to cover all medical costs and publicly-funded support programs for income assistance and support; costs that should be covered by the WSIB.” Article:  Support […]

“Boyce said her group is calling for several things to change. ‘The demands are simply compensation for occupational disease claims when workplace patterns exceed levels in the surrounding communities, expand the list of diseases presumed to be work related, use the proper legal standard, not scientific certainty, and expect that multiple exposures combined cause disease,’ […]

“There is a powerful new force in Ontario politics. The Occupational Disease Reform Alliance (ODRA), made up of clusters of workers experiencing work-related illnesses, is calling on the Ontario government to fix the broken Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) system. ” Article: New alliance calls for compensation reform Author: United Steelworkers Date: January 10, […]

“Littleford says that the workers were never officially admitted to the hospital so as to have no administrative trace of them. Years later, this is causing issues as workers attempting to make a WSIB claim cannot show official records. ” Article: Memory loss, digestive issues, sleep apnea, and scores already dead Author: Maia Foulis Date: […]

“It’s been a landmark year for Dennis Madigan, after what felt like an interminable wait for justice. His ordeal started with a horrific 1949 accident: Madigan was just a boy working at a Barrie gas station when he lit a cigarette and went up in flames. … After seven decades of legal wrangling, archival sleuthing, […]

“Two advocates have accused the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) of not taking the health and safety of workers seriously enough. They argue that, as a result, because of prolonged exposure to certain chemicals, we now have intense clusters of occupational diseases.” Article: WSIB under fire for ignoring workers’ claims despite ‘brutal’ exposures Author: […]

“Labour Minister Monte McNaughton said he’s arranging to meet with people from Peterborough and from across the province who’ve developed workplace cancers and who want to tell him how they’ve struggled — often unsuccessfully — to access compensation.” Article: Labour minister to meet with Peterborough workplace cancer patient Author: Joelle Kovach Date: December 5, 2021

“Ontario is investing more than $6 million to help fight work-related cancer. The funding will support the Occupational Cancer Research Centre (OCRC) in identifying the causes of workplace cancers, preventing them from occurring, and better supporting workers already impacted by occupational illness, according to the government.” Article: Ontario focuses on work-related cancers Author: Jim Wilson Date: […]