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“Five years ago, a family friend told me workers were “dropping like flies” from cancer after working at General Electric in Peterborough, Ont., and that their widows were fighting a compensation system that seemed stacked against them. My first question was, “How have I never heard about this issue?” I live only two hours away […]

“Tune in Thursday, August 8 to CBC to view a documentary exploring how GE Peterborough left a legacy of disease and death and the response of a community demanding justice.  For 126 years, General Electric (GE) operated a manufacturing facility in Peterborough, Ontario. At its peak, the company employed 6,000 workers. Just a few hundred […]

“The widows and children fighting for the former workers, who died after working at General Electric in Peterborough, will see their battle aired on national television in August. Titled Town of Widows, the documentary follows the former employees and the families who allege they got sick due to conditions at the Peterborough plant.” Article: Peterborough […]

“Hope sparked by a major review of occupational disease claims from former rubber workers is dissolving into frustration, as more denials are reported.” Article: More rubber worker compensation claims are being denied Author: Greg Mercer Date: July 16, 2019

“The Barrie District Injured Workers’ Support Group and the Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups spoke about cuts to three legal aid clinics that assist injured workers with compensation.” Article: Legal aid cuts subject of Barrie protest Author: Janis Ramsay Date: July 12, 2019

“A lot of injured workers are on limited income resources, so they rely on legal aid to help provide (support). Legal aid is a way we equalize access to the legal system across Ontario,” said Sara Labelle, regional vice president for OPSEU Region 3, which includes Simcoe County. “Any cuts to a vulnerable population that […]

“With many students starting their summer jobs this month, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) has launched its #PracticeSafeWork campaign in Ontario, focusing on the messages that a workplace injury can ruin your summer and affects not just you, but also the people around you.” Article: WSIB’s Practice Safe Work campaign will focus on […]

“A Toronto legal clinic that helps workers who are unjustly fired has laid off two of its staff members in the wake of funding cuts made by Premier Doug Ford’s government.  One staff lawyer and one law clerk/outreach worker both left their jobs at the Workers’ Health & Safety Legal Clinic on June 28, director […]

“Gerry Brown, a former rubber worker who used to build truck tires for a living, has lived with bladder cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease since the 1990s. For years, he’s hoped Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board would agree with his belief his old job contributed to his illness. This week, he learned bad […]

“A legal clinic that serves workers injured on the job is laying off 40 per cent of its staff in the wake of cuts to legal aid made by Ontario’s government. Injured Workers Community (IWC) Legal Clinic is laying off one staff lawyer and three community legal workers, director John McKinnon told HuffPost Canada Tuesday.” […]