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Below is our ongoing collection of citations tracking the latest news releases, media stories and blog posts on the topic of Ontario WSIB claims.

“A Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) review has allowed compensation claims of 31 rubber workers from Kitchener-Waterloo that were previously denied. A dedicated review team, created by the WSIB last year, looked at 300 claims received between 2002 and 2017.  The reviewers upheld the denial of 253 of those claims. “An additional 24 claims are […]

“…Miranda would spend 10 years as a temporary employment agency worker in Toronto, about five of them at North York industrial bakery Fiera Foods. He would never have the chance to land a permanent job, to put his lengthy experience as an engineer to use, or most importantly, to see the birth of his second […]

“Janice Martell, who has spent the last five years compiling information on McIntyre Powder, calls the practice of dousing miners with aluminum dust “a giant public health experiment,” for which miners should be compensated. As part of her work, she’s helping miners to file claims with the WSIB with the hope that they’ll receive some […]

“The two departments where the number of injuries and reported incidents are rising the most significantly, the report said, are emergency services and community services. Additionally, the report stated that two types of injuries are increasing the most: employees being hit and those that are stress-related.” Article: Rising WSIB claim costs for Thunder Bay city […]

“General Electric must know more than it is saying about the number of homes in Peterborough that are stuffed above the rafters with potentially lethal asbestos. As an investigation published in The Toronto Star and The Examiner detailed, GE Peterborough’s practice of selling surplus asbestos to employees began in the early 1940s and continued for […]

“A 5-day coroner’s inquest began Monday in Sudbury, into the double fatality at First Nickel’s Lockerby Mine more than five years ago. In May 2014, 34-year old Marc Methé and 49-year old Normand Bisaillon were killed by a fall of material while working underground. The two workers were employed by Taurus Drilling, which had been […]

“Sept. 19 was Black Thursday in Ontario’s electrical sector with three separate incidents of workers contacting overhead wires causing two electrocution deaths and injuring two others.” Article: Three electrocution incidents in 24 hours spark alarm Author: Don Wall Date: October 1, 2019

“In 2017, musculoskeletal injuries accounted for approximately one-third of lost-time injury claims accepted by the province’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. The inspections will also look at ways to prevent breathing hazards including gases, dusts, vapours and fumes that can lead to illnesses.” Article: Ontario labour ministry inspectors to conduct safety blitz to prevent common injuries […]

“Marty Warren, the United Steelworkers’ (USW) Ontario/Atlantic Director, says this week’s fifth gruesome fatality of a temporary agency worker at Fiera Foods Group’s bakery facility in North York is another tragic reason to better enforce 2004 Criminal Code amendments, known as the Westray Law.” Press Release: Five Fatalities at One Factory is Five Too Many: […]

“Estelle Lemieux’s emotions are still very raw when she talks about her husband, Marcel Lemieux, who died July 28 from lung cancer.  Marcel was diagnosed three years ago, and the cancer caused a lot of damage to his body, she said. He was 76 when he died. They couple had been married for 56 years. […]