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“More than 600 Amazon workers at one warehouse alone have contracted COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. But the online retail giant has registered fewer than five cases at the provincial workers’ compensation board, the Star has learned.” Article: More than 600 Amazon workers in Brampton got COVID-19. Why were so few reported to […]

“Niagara Falls MPP,Wayne Gates is calling on Premier Doug Ford to “prioritize health care in Niagara” in the Conservative government’s spring budget. … Gates has put forward several private member’s bills. Two of the bills would legislate safety protocols for injured workers and would give front-line workers WSIB coverage if they contracted the novel coronavirus on the […]

“Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board cut support for a frontline health worker who say she’s still struggling with “ongoing symptoms” of COVID-19. Hannah, a registered nurse at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, told PressProgress she’s been denied WSIB support ever since she tested negative for the COVID-19 case she contracted while re-deployed to a Sienna […]

“Alicia Micallef tears up when she talks about how she was secretly followed and videotaped, accused of lying, then dragged through the legal system for years — only to be acquitted and still denied benefits. All at the hands of an organization that should have been helping her recover from a workplace injury.” Article: Injured […]

“Fung, 35, is familiar with the barriers nurses face when trying to access mental health care. In late 2019, she attempted to go on stress leave due to what she called ‘a crushing workload,’ at the urging of her family doctor. What followed was a lengthy and confusing process as she tried to get approved […]

“A number of paramedics in Waterloo region who contracted COVID-19 have been denied Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) claims — despite having been in close contact with COVID-positive patients, says the union that represents them.” Article: Waterloo region paramedics denied WSIB claims for COVID-19: Union Author: Kate Bueckert Date: January 22, 2021

“Janice Martell’s father Jim Hobbs didn’t live to see the fruits of his daughter’s lobbying efforts on behalf of miners who had been exposed to McIntyre Powder. Hobbs, who worked at a uranium mine in Elliot Lake, developed Parkinson’s disease later in life and passed away in May 2017 at the age of 76. Three […]

“Local paramedics say they are being left with no financial support after contracting COVID-19 on the job, after having their WSIB claims rejected.  WSIB’s argument is that the paramedics would not have gotten sick on the job if they were wearing proper PPE — but the paramedics’ union, CUPE Local 5191, argues PPE can only […]

“A new study by the Institute for Work and Health (IWH) finds that lost-time injury claims to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and claims for severe injuries are lower on unionized building trade construction jobsites in Ontario compared to non-unionized counterparts.” Article: ‘Union safety effect’ continues on Ontario’s ICI construction sites: IWH study […]

“Cunningham pointed to statistics showing that less than one per cent of successful COVID-related Workplace Safety and Insurance Board claims since the pandemic began have involved the construction industry. Of more than 10,000 COVID-related WSIB claims, 93 have been in construction, 11 of those in residential construction.” Article: Most construction projects can continue — but […]