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Below is our ongoing collection of citations tracking the latest news releases, media stories and blog posts on the topic of Ontario WSIB claims.

“Ontario’s long-term care facilities can be dangerous places to work, according to a new study, with workers reporting physical and emotional abuse and sexual harassment. [A new study,] ‘Breaking Point: Violence Against Long-Term Care Staff’ builds on previous studies which have shown that 90 per cent of Canadian caregivers had experienced physical violence from residents […]

“More than 300 rubber industry workplace health and safety claims previously not allowed will get a review. The reexamination will look at claims filed between 2002 and 2017 that had previously been disallowed. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) said Wednesday it will receive and register ‘new claims associated with the rubber industry and […]

“A review of rubber workers’ occupational disease claims can’t come soon enough for Virginia MacKenzie, an 82-year-old widow who says she could be homeless within a matter of days. MacKenzie is among dozens of Waterloo Region widows who say they’ve been left in poverty by the death of a former rubber employee.” Article: Rubber widow […]

“Workplace Safety and Insurance Board staff rallied outside their own downtown Toronto offices Thursday, calling on their employer to address chronic staffing shortages and issues with a new ‘call centre model’ — criticized by some for compromising service to vulnerable injured workers.“ Author: WSIB workers stage walkout to protest staff shortage, internal ‘chaos’ Author: Sara […]

“When it comes to THC levels, the Maritimes set a limit of no higher than one per cent. Ontario allows up to nine per cent. THC is reported to have therapeutic effects but also to be chiefly responsible for the psychotropic effects of cannabis, according to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario.” Article: […]

“Many years after rubber manufacturing plants left the region, former workers and surviving family members are being urged to attend information sessions in Kitchener this month to investigate occupational disease cases and potential compensation.” Article: Former Rubber Workers Urged to Attend Occupational Disease Information Sessions  Author: United Steelworkers (USW) Date: March 6, 2019

“Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board says it wants to be abundantly clear — all local rubber worker claims made between 2002 and 2017 will be included in a sweeping review of occupational disease in the industry.” Article: WSIB confirms tribunal decisions on rubber claims will be reopened Author: Greg Mercer Date: March 12, 2019

“Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal has ruled that an employer failed to provide suitable alternative work for a staff member who suffered an injury on the job.” Article: Tribunal rules employer offered its injured worker an unsuitable job Author: Gary Rinne Date: March 11, 2019

“It’s hard not to question the Ontario workers compensation board’s thinking on safety given its audits of temporary help agencies have decreased 80 per cent since 2016. That’s odd since temp agencies — according to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s own internal reports — are significantly more likely than other employers to break the […]

“The provincial workers’ compensation board conducted just 85 audits of temporary help agencies last year, down from 454 in 2016 — despite the fact its own internal reports have found temp agencies to be significantly more likely than other employers to break the law, documents obtained by the Star show.” Article: Temp agencies more likely […]