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Sam Hammond, president of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO), said the increase in violence has lead to increased absenteeism in teachers. “That’s leading to higher rates of sick leave and WSIB claims among educators for physical and-or psychological injuries that they suffer due to violence,” said Hammond. He added that instances of violence […]

“Musculoskeletal hazards such as high forces, awkward postures and repetitive motions are commonly found when workers are required to lift, carry, push, pull or lower materials or even other people. Musculoskeletal disorders are the top lost-time injury reported to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. In 2017, these injuries represented approximately one-third of all accepted […]

“Niagara Falls MPP Wayne Gates wants to see his private member’s bill to end a practice known as deeming become law. Deeming refers to when the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board “deems” a permanently injured worker employable in a new job, and then reduces their compensation accordingly — regardless of whether they’ve found employment.” Article: […]

“Injured worker advocates will ask a United Nations committee to examine a workers’ compensation board practice that slashes accident victims’ benefits by declaring them employable in ‘phantom jobs’ — even though they have not been able to find real work.” Article: Ontario injured worker advocates take discrimination concerns to United Nations Author: Sara Mojtehedzadeh Date: […]

“After a decade-long battle with the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB), Benoit Bissonette is still unsure if he will ever receive consistent service from them in French. […] The pair estimate that they’ve sent over 100 requests to the board since 2007. They said that each time their request is met with an apology, but […]

“A widow who wants workers’ compensation after her late husband was exposed to asbestos at General Electric says Peterborough-Kawartha MPP Dave Smith is “a liar” who failed to deliver on a promise to get her a meeting with the province’s new labour minister.” Article: Widow wants Smith to do more on GE WSIB claim Author: […]

“Five years ago, a family friend told me workers were “dropping like flies” from cancer after working at General Electric in Peterborough, Ont., and that their widows were fighting a compensation system that seemed stacked against them. My first question was, “How have I never heard about this issue?” I live only two hours away […]

“Tune in Thursday, August 8 to CBC to view a documentary exploring how GE Peterborough left a legacy of disease and death and the response of a community demanding justice.  For 126 years, General Electric (GE) operated a manufacturing facility in Peterborough, Ontario. At its peak, the company employed 6,000 workers. Just a few hundred […]

“The widows and children fighting for the former workers, who died after working at General Electric in Peterborough, will see their battle aired on national television in August. Titled Town of Widows, the documentary follows the former employees and the families who allege they got sick due to conditions at the Peterborough plant.” Article: Peterborough […]

“Hope sparked by a major review of occupational disease claims from former rubber workers is dissolving into frustration, as more denials are reported.” Article: More rubber worker compensation claims are being denied Author: Greg Mercer Date: July 16, 2019