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“’I didn’t really think it was a coincidence that all these workers were fairly young, so I made a post in the [Facebook] group and asked who else is sick. A ton of them messaged me,’ she says. … Many had been diagnosed, or had family members, diagnosed with COPD, lung cancer, silicosis, etc. “ […]

“Orlando Buonastella and Kathrin Furniss from Injured Workers Community Legal Clinic were among those making presentations today at public  hearings before the Standing Committee on Social Policy on Bill 27 (Working for Workers Act, 2021) . Specifically, they spoke to the Committee on concerns regarding Schedule 6 amendments to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act on the distribution […]

“Peterborough has a 40 per cent higher rate of mesothelioma compared to the provincial average (mesothelioma is a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos). “I personally never connected the dots because I figured I was safe. [But] we have a lot of long latency illnesses coming out of that plant.” The sheer number of people […]

“Janice Martell‘s father died from Parkinson’s disease after being exposed to aluminum dust in a uranium mine in Ontario. It took the family nine years to get the WISB to acknowledge the link between them, by which time Hobbs had passed away. It was a devastating period for his loved ones. Stung by the sense […]

“Few people who’ve developed cancer from exposure to toxins in workplaces in Peterborough and across Ontario are getting compensation, says an advocacy group–and they say the provincial health ministers is “ducking responsibility” to rectify that, though ministry staff disagrees.” Article: Labour minister ‘ducking responsibility’ for GE Peterborough toxic workplace compensation, group claims Author: Joelle Kovach […]

“Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) has announced it’s establishing a new advisory table, which will help shape provincial policy related to compensating workers who are impacted by occupational disease. The Scientific Advisory Table for Occupational Disease, announced on Nov. 2, will support the WSIB in gathering scientific evidence to help inform new and existing […]

“Injured workers and groups in Sudbury that advocate for them say it’s time the provincial government put money in their pockets instead of the millions it intends to return to employers.  Last week, the Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy partnered with the Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups to lobby that injured workers “get back […]

“It took six-and-a-glad years for Sara Sharpe to win a workplace cancer claim on behalf of her husband, a 42-year veteran of General Electric Peterborough. Shortly after retiring from the plant, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He died within two weeks. To Sharpe, the fight for workers’ compensation was about acknowledging why. “It was […]

“A Sarnia widow who has been fighting for compensation for nearly three decades spoke at the launch of a new alliance pushing for changes to Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Jean Simpson, 85, spoke during an online presentation Friday where the Occupational Disease Reform Alliance announced its launch and called for changes to fix […]

“An alliance of widows and workers in occupational disease clusters throughout Ontario are speaking out after Ontario Labour Minister Monte McNaughton announced plans to introduce legislation that would give employers billions of dollars from the “reserve fund” of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). “ Article: OFL stands in solidarity with alliance of occupational […]