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Below is our ongoing collection of citations tracking the latest news releases, media stories and blog posts on the topic of Ontario WSIB claims.

“An Ontario politician is taking a second shot at ending the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s practice of deeming by re-introducing his bill, the Respecting Injured Workers Act. Wayne Gates is an NDP MPP representing the riding of Niagara Falls, and he has seen the practice of deeming ruin the lives of injured workers.” Article: […]

“The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board will increase benefits payments to injured workers by more than 6% next year, while holding the line on premiums paid by businesses, says Ontario Labour Minister Monte McNaughton.” Article: WSIB to raise benefits, maintain employers’ premiums: Labour minister Author: Antonella Artuso Date: December 15, 2022

“Looking back, Simon wonders if his exposure to diesel particulate — miniscule bits of soot, metal and other toxic elements — has contributed to the health issues he’s experiencing today. ‘All these years, people like myself who worked through these conditions, there was never any way of measuring how much I actually was exposed to.’” […]

“Getting new employees up to speed on safety in the workplace is of course of paramount importance to employers. But when those workers happen to be newcomers to Canada, the challenges are much more serious, according to a new study.” Article:  Safety training for newcomers fraught with challenges Author: John Dujay Date: December 12, 2022

“A bill brought forward by Niagara Falls MPP Wayne Gates to protect injured workers passed first reading in the legislature Wednesday. If passed into law, the New Democrat’s Respecting Injured Workers Act (Workplace Safety and Insurance Amendment) would end the practice of deeming. Deeming is when Workplace Safety and Insurance Board decides a worker is able to […]

“Seven years of hard work paid off on Nov. 30 when the provincial government offered an official apology to all miners who had been exposed to McIntyre Powder in their work.” Article: ‘It was hard that Dad and many others didn’t live to hear the apology’ Author: Sara McCleary Date: December 6, 2022

“The Ontario government has officially apologized to tens of thousands of miners and their families for the government’s role in the sanctioned use of McIntyre Powder.” Article:  Historic day for Ontario miners and families exposed to McIntyre Powder Author: United Steelworkers Date:  December 2, 2022

” ‘While we know an apology will not bring your loved ones back, it will not ease the pain and sadness so many of you have faced. This tragedy should not have happened to you,’ Monte McNaughton, minister of labour, immigration, training and skills development, said in the Legislature, with a group of about 30 […]

“Ontario Labour Minister Monte McNaughton gave a long-awaited apology Wednesday afternoon to mine workers who were exposed to McIntyre Powder for over three decades and their families. From 1943 to 1979, miners in northern Ontario were forced to breathe in the black ground aluminum dust before they started their shifts. Their employers told them the powder […]

  “Currently, under Ontario law, the occupational exposure limit (OEL) is 400 micrograms per cubic metre of air (μg/m3), a figure the USW calls the highest in Canada. The union wants to see that number lowered to 20 μg/m3, which is the level recommended by both Carcinogen Exposure Canada (CAREX) and the Occupational Cancer Research Centre.” […]