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Below is our ongoing collection of citations tracking the latest news releases, media stories and blog posts on the topic of Ontario WSIB claims.

” ‘The older miners would have silicosis and the younger ones now are showing up with Parkinson’s.’ Harrison says his initial claim with WSIB was denied. The WSIB says those who had claims turned down in the past should contact the organization to have their case reviewed. Harrison says he plans to do that.” Article: […]

“This acknowledgement by WSIB is a major breakthrough for former miners who believe the inhalation of this powder during their employment may have contributed to any development of Parkinson’s they may have suffered later in life.” Article: Risk of Parkinson’s linked to use of McIntyre Powder in WSIB study Author: Ron Grech Date:  May 8, […]

“A new study facilitated by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario states miners who were forced to inhale an aluminum powder before going to work are at a higher risk of Parkinson’s disease. The study focused on the use of McIntyre Powder.” Article: WSIB study finds link between use of McIntyre Powder in […]

“In long-term care where resident deaths and infections are soaring and where staffing levels are already low, PSWs, registered practical nurses and others on the frontlines are getting COVID in large numbers. Despite that, Rennick said upwards of 25 per cent health care workers who file a WSIB claim that they got COVID-19, are being […]

“The NDP is calling on the Ford Government’s Labour Minister to strengthen protections for workers to refuse unsafe work, especially while they consider the steps necessary to re-open the economy. The Toronto Star has reported that 213 workers have exercised their legislated right to refuse unsafe work and demand an inspection from the Ministry of […]

“Today, on the National Day of Mourning, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) encourages everyone to take a moment to remember the people who died, were injured or suffered illness in the workplace.” Article: April 28th is a day like no other. It is a Day of Mourning Author: WSIB Date: April 28, 2020

“Niagara Falls NDP MPP Wayne Gates has put forward legislation that if passed would protect employees who continue to work during the pandemic with WSIB coverage if they get sick with the virus. Gates says it would retroactively ensure that frontline healthcare workers and workers in essential businesses will receive presumptive WSIB coverage.” Article: Niagara […]

“We have no time to waste, this is an emergency and we must act. That’s why I’m proud to introduce a bill that will retroactively give presumptive coverage to every worker in Ontario who contracted COVID-19 while performing essential work. These workers have risked their lives to be there for us, it’s time this government […]

“Ontario construction employers will not face targeted WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) premium hikes if any of their workers become infected with COVID-19, the agency announced recently.” Article: WSIB announces costs for COVID-19 claims won’t target individual employers Author: Don Wall Date: April 21, 2020

“Worker advocates are urging the province to change worker compensation laws to make it easier for health-care and other essential workers infected with COVID-19 to access benefits, according to a new letter seen by the Star. It comes as the provincial workers’ compensation board has received some 450 benefit claims from workers who believe they […]