Day: July 19, 2021

“Can we call it an accident if workers die from COVID-19 after proper personal protective equipment is under lock and key? Can we call it an accident that five workers have been killed at Fiera Foods or its affiliates over the last two decades, or when four migrant workers plunge to their death from a […]

“Ontario’s police leaders are calling on the Government of Ontario to immediately address systemic issues related to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and the need for legislative and policy changes so that police services can better support their members while also maintaining the operational and fiscal integrity of police organizations. “ Article: Police […]

“Uber is going to court to block the release of its worker compensation reports, after the province’s information and privacy commissioner ordered they be disclosed to the media.” Article: Uber is going to court to block the release of workers’ compensation records Author: Sara Mojtehedzadeh Date: July 13, 2021

“About half of British Columbia workers who have a work injury or illness that results in time away from work do not report the injury or illness to WorkSafeBC. The two most common reasons workers give are not knowing they are entitled to compensation or how to apply, and not thinking it’s worth their time […]