Day: January 5, 2021

“More than 8,600 workers have contracted COVID-19 on the job since March, according to statistics from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, with workers in health care, agriculture and food processing registering the highest number of cases.” Article: Health authorities to start naming specific Toronto workplaces with significant COVID-19 outbreaks Author: Sara Mojtehedzadeh Date: Jan. […]

“But if we look at the other end of the bargain and what, you know, workers are put through to make things happen, to make our dreams become a reality, I would say that they are just experiencing a complete nightmare. It all comes down at the cost of their health and safety.” Article: Ontario […]

“A new website created by the Occupational Cancer Research Centre allows users to explore risks of disease for Ontario workers in five industry sectors and hundreds of occupation groups, with additional sectors coming soon.” Article: Occupational Cancer Research Centre offers new website on cancer risk and more Author: Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training & Skills […]

“Smith said more research is needed to understand the particular impact of poor workplace safety during the pandemic on temporary and low-wage workers whose experiences were not captured in the survey. ‘The pandemic has been going on for more than eight months,’ he said. ‘That’s a long time to feel vulnerable in the workplace.’ “ […]