Day: January 7, 2019

“While the decision seen by the Star does not dispute Wardle’s experiences on the job, it says her ‘stress appears to be in response to interpersonal conflict,’ which is not covered by the board’s chronic mental stress policy.” Article: She was grabbed, endured sexual taunts and followed into the washroom. The WSIB says this wasn’t […]

“Bob DeMatteo, a retired occupational health researcher who co-wrote a recent report on the toxins once used at GE, was at the meeting and said an overhaul is essential. He said WSIB ‘mindlessly’ dismissed cases for years as a way to save compensation money.” Article: General Electric Peterborough workers’ fight for compensation ‘an uphill battle’ […]

“Leacock believes there are others like him who are sick but don’t want to file a claim for occupational disease because they feel the WSIB process is slanted against them. ‘Most are hesitant to apply for compensation because the WSIB isn’t worker-friendly,’ he said.” Article: More rubber claims come forward Author: Greg Mercer Date: January […]

“The substance was used from the 1940s until 1979. Workers were told they needed to inhale the powder before their shifts underground to help protect them from silicosis, an incurable lung disease. But since that time more miners have developed health issues, like respiratory conditions, neurological disorders and other problems. Martell continues to gather information […]

“Many public health agencies encourage doctors to prescribe painkillers less. The WSIB has taken this approach too, and has reduced the number of claims for opioids by 47 percent. The IWC says that this has lead to higher costs to individuals to pay for their therapies and stronger medication. Workers are often told to go […]