Day: December 17, 2018

“The legacy of that exposure, their families say, has been a cluster of cancer deaths that have filled local cemeteries and obituary pages. Yet only 15 per cent, or 61, of more than 400 occupational disease claims filed on behalf of Kitchener rubber workers since 2002 have been accepted by the WSIB.” Article: Rubber Town: […]

“Rubber workers in Kitchener-Waterloo who say they suffered health issues from their jobs will have their claims reviewed by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). The review will look at both cancer and non-cancer related claims of the former area rubber workers.” Article: WSIB to investigate claims of KW rubber workers Author: CBC News […]

“There are many Simcoe County residents fighting for WSIB coverage, she said. ‘We have a huge number of denials, we have people fighting on their own,’ she said. ‘Those people motivate me to get some kind of justice for them. Using the word justice for sick people — I shouldn’t have to use that.’ She […]